We recognize the vital role that overseas employment plays in the lives of Filipinos and their families, and we are committed to uplifting their standard of living by providing them with decent employment and growth opportunities in the global job market.


Our mission is to be the leading and most trusted association in the industry, and our member-agencies are dedicated to providing qualified Filipinos with the resources they need to succeed. To achieve this mission, we prioritize ethical practices and professionalism among our members.

By strengthening recruitment industry standards, we aim to ensure that all workers are treated with respect and fairness throughout the recruitment process. Through our efforts, we hope to make a positive impact on the lives of migrant workers and their families, one person at a time.

PEACEME Board of Trustees

The prime movers of our industry association for the year 2023-2024, are as follows:

Marc Capistrano

(Staffhouse International Resources)

Jun Macas

Vice Chairman
(RRJM International Manpower Services, Inc.)

Arnold R. Mamaclay

(Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc.)

Alex Tan

Vice President
(E-GMP International Corporation)

Ces Francisco

(Pisces International Placement Corporation)

Imee S. Enriquez

(Key's Placement Inc.)


Nora Braganza

(HRD Employment Consultant and Multi-Services, Inc.)

Anna Nangan

(Eyequest International Manpower Services Inc. - Manila)

Beth Nieva

(Empire International Human Resources, Incorporated)

Merlie Jimenez

(AMCAAJ International Recruitment Agency, Inc.)

Veyon Calinawan

(Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center, Incorporated)

Cristy Masonsong

(September Star Incorporated)

Commitee Heads

Membership and Education – Nora Braganza

Government & Non Government Relations – Arnold Mamaclay

Market Development and Research

Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman – Beth Nieva
UAE & Qatar – Alex Tan / Veyon Calinawan
Other Middle East countries (Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco and Syria) – Jun Macas
KSA & Mega Recruitment – Marc Capistrano

Legal – Raquel Bracero

Welfare – Ces Francisco

Ways and Means – Merlie Jimenez